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Technology Accelerator Domain 1

Technology Accelerator Domain 1 is led by PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) and is designed to accommodate evaluation of new, innovative, potential game-changer concepts in the form of products, drug delivery systems, or drugs, in need of seed funding for demonstration of feasibility, proof of concept, and value added. Concept proposals may come from MATRIX’s existing partners or new R&D organizations outside the collaborative. Special encouragement is submission from low-and-middle income countries with investigators, helping them identify partners and additional resources when necessary. The concept proposals will be initially screened internally for merit and then sent to the steering committee for a decision on whether the new concept should be reviewed by the scientific advisory group. Selection of proposals will follow pre-established criteria prioritizing innovation, value and feasibility. The experimental process will be milestone-driven, time-limited, and controlled by Go/No-Go decision points. Incorporation of some of the Tech Accelerator products into the main portfolio of MATRIX will depend on their programmatic value and properties, as assessed by scientific advisory group and external ad-hoc expert consultants (as needed) and ultimately, will be USAID’s investment decision.

Key contacts

Jessica Mistilis
Edward Kariithi