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Design to Delivery (D2D)

The Design to Delivery (D2D) hub is the MATRIX Collaborative’s product-neutral consultative working group for coordinated engagement of a range of end-users, service providers, key influencers and other local partners, who can provide insight into the uptake, rollout and acceptability of different HIV prevention options.  What is learned through these efforts will be leveraged to inform and advance the research and development of a diverse and innovative range of emerging HIV prevention options for women. D2D provides expertise and innovation in the behavioral and social sciences and clinical trials. Its activities are aligned through 2 distinct Pillars of focus: Pillar 1) end-user acceptability of and preferences for HIV prevention products; and Pillar 2) socio-behavioral research (SBR) in clinical trials.

D2D’s approach is informed by evidence that timely and strategic engagement of end-users, their key influencers, and health care providers early in the product’s development pipeline may help to shape the profile of future HIV prevention and multipurpose prevention technology. This integrated approach has the potential to inform ongoing development and modification of product attributes to enhance acceptability, improve adherence among end-users, increase feasibility and ease of delivery, and enable optimized integration into health systems for widespread adoption and impact on public health.

Key contacts

Ali Minnis (D2D Pillar 2)
Betsy Tolley (D2D Pillar 1)
Kenneth Ngure (D2D Pillar 1)
Leila Mansoor (D2D Pillar 2)
Thesla Palanee-Phillips (primary oversight of all D2D activities)

View the D2D Organizational Chart here.

Organization Charts
D2D Org Chart (Download) 2023-12-01171.01 KB