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Monthly Dapivirine Vaginal Film

The Monthly Dapivirine Vaginal Film, being developed by the Rohan Pharmaceutics laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and Magee-Womens Research Institute under the VALUE (Vaginal film as A Low-cost, User-administered, and Extended-release product) project, is a game-changing female-controlled product providing monthly protection against HIV infection. The film is simple, portable, discreet, applicator-free, scalable, low cost, and bioerodible, with minimal package waste.

Monthly Dapivirine and Levonorgestrel Dual-Purpose Vaginal Film

Similar to the dapivirine-only film, the dual-purpose vaginal film is designed so that when placed inside the vagina and coming in contact with vaginal fluid, it would slowly begin to dissolve, and in doing so, release dapivirine and LNG.

Non-ARV/Non-Hormonal Multi-Purpose Vaginal Ring

The non-antiretroviral, non-hormonal intravaginal ring developed by the Oak Crest Institute of Science is a multipurpose prevention technology with a 1-to 3-month duration combining two novel, luminally acting active pharmaceutical ingredients: (1) an anti-viral with unique mechanisms of action against HIV, HSV, and HPV; and (2) a contraceptive and would be a game-changer product for women who desire non-hormonal contraceptives with prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in a single product.

TAF/EVG Fast Dissolving Vaginal Insert

The Tenofovir alafenamide/ Elvitegravir (TAF/EVG) Fast Dissolving Insert is developed by CONRAD.  After extensive end-user research, a TAF/EVG dual-compartment insert for PrEP or PEP user-controlled, on-demand use and Multipurpose Prevention Technology against HIV and HSV, will be advanced clinically, providing a user-friendly on-demand product.