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Socio-behavioral research in clinical trials (D2D Pillar 2)

Socio-behavioral research in clinical trials is one of two pillars of the Design to Delivery (D2D) hub and is responsible for designing and implementing socio-behavioral studies and the socio-behavioral research components of clinical trials, based on the needs of product developers and in consultation with the Clinical Trials hub. These include clinical studies with placebo products to assess end-user acceptability and adherence to individual delivery forms and head-to-head comparisons Specifically, its activities aim to:

  • assess product acceptability
  • assess end-user experience with and preferences for products
  • identify barriers and facilitators that may impact acceptability of and adherence to product use
  • identify product attributes and use considerations likely to challenge and/or facilitate product adherence and inform implementation of later phase clinical trials.

Key contacts

Ali Minnis
Leila Mansoor
Thesla Palanee-Phillips