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Rose Hayeshi, PhD

Rose Hayeshi (PhD) is a Professor and Director of the DSI/NWU Preclinical Drug Development Platform (PCDDP), Faculty of Health Sciences, North-West University, South Africa. She holds a PhD in Biochemistry with research interests in preclinical testing for drug development and development of more translational preclinical models. She works in interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborative teams involved in different aspects of drug development in which she leads the preclinical drug development studies. She has co-authored over 30 publications and three book chapters ( She is a member of the South Africa Young Academy of Sciences; a fellow of the AfOx Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scheme, Africa Oxford Initiative, and a fellow of the Africa Science Leadership Programme. Rose has trained a number of postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Dedicated to mentorship, she is a mentor in the North-West University mentorship programme.