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Kenya Stakeholders Consultation, November 7-9, 2022

Image of participants from Kenya Stakeholders Consultation

MATRIX convened an in-country consultation with stakeholders in Nairobi, Kenya, November 8-9, 2022. Below are the documents and presentations from this meeting.  Photos from both the consultation and a pre-meeting workshop (held 7 November) can be viewed here.

About MATRIX Fact Sheet (Download) 2022-11-03748.64 KB
Agenda (Download) 2022-11-08362.29 KB
KENYA Stakeholder Consultation Summary and Key Comments (Download) 2022-11-232.96 MB
Presentations - Day 1, November 8, 2022
The Big Picture: The current and evolving HIV prevention landscape (Download) 2022-11-081.41 MB
MATRIX: Developing the next generation of HIV prevention products for women (Download) 2022-11-082.18 MB
Understanding the Research and Development Process (Download) 2022-11-08853.48 KB
Conducting early phase and first-in-human studies in sub-Saharan Africa (Download) 2022-11-08559.3 KB
Tenofovir Alafenamide / Elvitegravir Fast Dissolving Inserts (Download) 2022-11-082.1 MB
MATRIX-001 Phase 1 Study of the TAF/EVG Fast-Dissolving Insert (Download) 2022-11-08599.15 KB
One-Month Dapivirine Vaginal Film (Download) 2022-11-081.4 MB
MATRIX-002 Acceptability and Safety Study of Two Prototype Vaginal Films (Download) 2022-11-08561.81 KB
Presentations - Day 2, November 9, 2022
MATRIX Stakeholders Meeting Recap of Day One (Download) 2022-11-09705.87 KB
Luminally Active Multipurpose Prevention Intravaginal Ring (LAMP-IVR) (Download) 2022-11-0911.23 MB
Griffithsin Fast Dissolving Insert (GRFT FDI) (Download) 2022-11-099.5 MB
Cabotegravir Dissolvable Pellet Implants and Cabotegravir Injectable Depot (Download) 2022-11-092.27 MB