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Benjamin Koech

Benjamin Koech is a highly experienced professional in Health Information Management with a BSc in Health Records and Information Management from Kenyatta University (KU). He is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health in Health Information Management at Chuka University in Kenya.

With over 7 years of industry experience, Benjamin has worked in various renowned institutions, including Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), and The University of Nairobi (UON). His notable research at KNH, in collaboration with UON and the University of North Carolina, focused on characterizing the patient population presenting to the Accident and Emergency department, thereby defining the burden of acute and emergency diseases. This research has provided valuable insights for clinical practices and healthcare decision-making.

Benjamin has also contributed his skills to the Centre of Clinical Medicine Cancer Registry at KEMRI, where he actively managed and maintained cancer-related records, supporting research initiatives, and improving cancer care outcomes.

Currently, he is employed at Kenyatta National Hospital, where he continues to work passionately in the field of Health Information Management. He strongly believes in the power of data and its role as evidence in decision making, ultimately aiming to improve health outcomes.

With his extensive experience, educational background, and dedication to leveraging data for healthcare improvement, Benjamin is making significant contributions to the field. His passion for data-driven approaches and improving health outcomes highlights his commitment to excellence in Health Information Management.


Kenyatta National Hospital

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