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MATRIX-007 (CARE PrEP) Study Documents

Ancillary Documents
Health Care Provider Form (Download) 2024-07-1133.03 KB
IC Job aid (Download) 2024-06-185.54 MB
Locator Form (Download) 2024-07-1132.09 KB
Permission to Contact Form (Download) 2024-06-2039.47 KB
Pre-screening form (Download) 2024-07-1129.8 KB
Clinical Research Forms and In-Depth Interview Materials
Antenatal Care (Download) 2024-06-28145.47 KB
Assign PID (Download) 2024-06-2858.87 KB
Congenital Anomaly Review (Download) 2024-06-2873.9 KB
Demographics (Download) 2024-06-2894.36 KB
Eligibility Screener (Download) 2024-06-28151.84 KB
EPDS (Download) 2024-06-2879.47 KB
Expected Delivery Date (Download) 2024-06-2885.54 KB
Infant Enrollment (Download) 2024-06-2870.67 KB
Infant Feeding Assessment (Download) 2024-06-28100.68 KB
Infant Outcome (Download) 2024-06-28156.07 KB
Infant Physical Exam (Download) 2024-06-28246.78 KB
Medical Events/Conditions (Download) 2024-06-28156.76 KB
Medications (Download) 2024-06-2892.74 KB
Obstetric Care and History (Download) 2024-06-28168.91 KB
Participant Scheduling (Download) 2024-06-2863.67 KB
Participant Transfer (Download) 2024-06-2887.97 KB
Postpartum Care (Download) 2024-06-28103.63 KB
PrEP Use (Download) 2024-06-2884.16 KB
Protocol Deviation (Download) 2024-06-2870.82 KB
Social Harm (Download) 2024-06-2889.83 KB
Study Exit (Download) 2024-06-2891.83 KB
Study Visit (Download) 2024-06-28122.54 KB
Test Results (Download) 2024-06-28114.18 KB
Ultrasound Results (Download) 2024-06-28158.01 KB
Vitals (Download) 2024-06-2873.1 KB
MATRIX-007 Protocol Version 1.0, July 3, 2024 (Download) 2024-07-031.38 MB