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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement has an overall goal of ensuring early and ongoing strategic engagement with a wide range of influential stakeholders, including policymakers, advocates, providers, and regulators, among others, for continued, meaningful dialogue about the MATRIX paradigm for early research and development, its pipeline of products and planned and ongoing early phase clinical trials in both the Global North and sub-Saharan Africa.

Activities aim to seek stakeholders’ views, perspectives and suggestions regarding new products and the design and conduct of clinical trials and feed this back to product developers and researchers within the MATRIX collaborative, and in turn, communicate back to stakeholders what has/is being changed as a result.

Stakeholder engagement will be critical to identifying potential barriers, facilitators, challenges and opportunities that are product-specific or agnostic and relevant to both the African region and within each country. Through structured engagement, MATRIX aims to build sustainable partnerships by ensuring activities pursued are based on the principles of Good Participatory Practices (GPP) guidelines. 

Key contacts

Lisa Rossi (Prime)