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Logo Resource Page

Overview and Key Guidelines

The use and placement of logos must be in accordance with USAID and PEPFAR guidelines and requirements as described in MATRIX’s Branding Strategy and Marking Plan. 

PEPFAR, USAID and MATRIX logos are to be used in all communications as feasible and appropriate.

PEPFAR’s logo is to be placed in the left corner, and the USAID logo to its right, followed by the MATRIX identity mark. All should be of visually equal weight with the minimum space between being at least equal in width to the “US” in USAID, as the example below illustrates:


Please note that for materials intended for audiences within a specific country (e.g., Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe), the respective country-specific PEPFAR logo must be used. For all cross-cutting programs and activities and in any materials that will be viewed by an international audience, such as at conferences, the PEPFAR general logo for non-US audiences should be used. The PEPFAR general logo for U.S. audiences should only be used to brand materials that are intended solely for a U.S. audience.

When including any partner (sub-awardee) logos, they should be placed below the PEPFAR, USAID and MATRIX logos with their size being of equal or smaller visual weight. Alternatively, the identities of PEPFAR, USAID, Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation (MWRI) and all partners may be displayed together. The PEPFAR logo is to be positioned in the upper left corner, USAID to its right, followed by MWRI and partner organization logos, with all of equal visual weight and spaced in accordance with USAID graphic standards.

Logos for download

PEPFAR General Logo for non-US Audiences
PEPFAR Country-Specific Logo - Kenya
PEPFAR Country-Specific Logo - South Africa
PEPFAR Country-Specific Logo - Zimbabwe
PEPFAR General Logo for US Audiences
USAID logo

MATRIX logos for PowerPoint and digital media (RGB color mode)
MATRIX logo (no tag) PNG

MATRIX logos for printed materials (CMYK color mode)
MATRIX logo (no tag) PNG

MATRIX logos for professional printing (EPS file format – both CMYK and PMS color modes)
MATRIX logo (no tag) - PMS
MATRIX logo (no tag) - CMYK

Partner logos
All MATRIX partner logos together PNG (white background)
Individual partner logos (combined in one zip file)


Additional information can be found in the following resource documents:
MATRIX Branding Strategy and Marking Plan (found under the category Resource Documents after logging into the MATRIX website)
USAID ADS Chapter 320 Branding and Marking
USAID Graphics Standards Manual and Partner Co-Branding Guide
PEPFAR Branding Guidance

If you can’t find what you are looking for or have questions about the above, please contact Lisa Rossi, Director of Communications for Prime, at